Find the best loan offerings from multiple lenders in less than 3 minutes.

Match. Compare. Save.

Now you can enjoy the fastest access to the best loan offerings from all your favorite lenders, and easily become invisible to financial struggles anytime, anywhere. In just a few clicks, you can very well be on your way to getting that specific loan you urgently need.


Secured Transactions


Full User Control


Flexible Repayments


Get Matched.

Get matched with the best pre-qualified rates from multiple lenders in less than 3 minutes.

crowdbux app
crowdbux app

Compare Rates.

Compare multiple interest rates to find the most suitable loans for you.


Save Money.

Save money on interest rates from the most competitive lenders in Nigeria.

crowdbux app
crowdbux app
Credit Profile

Credit Profile.

Build and manage your credit worthiness simply on the platform.


Withdraw Funds.

Safetly withraw funds from your wallet to you bank in two easy steps.

crowdbux app
crowdbux app
Loan History

Loan History.

Keep track of your active and settled loans in your credit profile.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to your questions and challenges


Crowdbux is a credit building platform for matching creditworthy borrowers to loan offerings from multiple lenders in under 3 minutes.

The platform is the easiest way for borrowers to find the best loan offerings that will suit a diverse set of unique borrowing needs It is also the best place for lenders to access a large pool of creditworthy borrowers.

Web, the Crowdbux web app is where all the magic happens, it is very easy to use and navigate. We are currently working on the mobile app to give you a better experience.

By simply visiting and creating an account in 2 easy steps after providing your information:

* full name (matching your govt issued identity card)
- Phone number
- Email

Nothing is easier on the platform, just click the become a vendor button, fill out a short form and a vendor relations representative will contact you within 24hrs.

This is a general credit assessment score based on the validity of the information that you input and upload in your credit profile. Your safety score is also greatly influenced by your repayment patterns.

A line of credit starting from 10,000 up to 5M naira, and is strictly dependent on your credit assessment.

Not until you have requested for a loan do lenders receive any information about you or your request.

Absolutely not, they do not also have access to your personal information or data, so be rest assured of privacy when using Crowdbux.

We don’t want to blow our own trumpets but here are 3 key reasons why:

* Crowdbux aggregates all the best lenders, including your faves, just to bring you only the best interest rates on offer anywhere in Nigeria.
* Crowdbux loan matching service is completely free, we only earn a commission when your loan gets approved and disbursed into your wallet.
* Crowdbux places value on your identity assets including bank statements, utility bills and even guarantors empowering you to build, manage and maintain a healthy credit profile. Amazing right 🤩, but don’t take our word for it, sign up today and be a Crowdbux citizen to enjoy these benefits and more.

Yes, crowdbux is fully regulated under the relevant laws and regulations guiding the operations of digital finance in Nigeria. So rest assured, your data and any other information you trust us with is safe.


You will not be able to fund your wallet from the get-go, however, when your loan application gets processed and approved, the cash is instantly disbursed into your wallet and you can easily withdraw into your bank account.

Very simple, very secure, just click the withdraw button, select your bank and amount to be withdrawn, agree to terms and your funds are transaferred to your account in a heartbeat.

Identity verification

You need BVN, a government-issued ID card, a utility bill, a bank statement not older than 3 months.

Simple, just click the upload buttons in the KYC forms and select the required document from your phone.

Through our partners who are verified and trusted biometric and identity verification service providers.


Yes, you absolutely can, however you will pay the full interest accruable plus a prepayment fee of 0.5% of your loan.

Just select and click on your preferred category of loans, input the required information and you'll be matched with loan offerings in less than 3 minutes. Once you find a loan offering that suits your unique needs, simply click the request button, update your KYC in your credit profile and you're already halfway to getting your requested loan.

No, you can not terminate your active loans.

You absolutely can, as long as you have not exceeded your credit line.

Yes, you can easily view all your active and settled loan history in your credit profile.